Product Care


After each use, we recommend that you dust off your tent top or if it is wet, let it dry. Then, you can store your tent & top in one of our dust storage bags or a carrying case to protect it from any wear and tear damage.

*Note: Storing your canopy top while wet or damp may cause mildew or rust the frame. ALWAYS COMPLETELY DRY BOTH TOP & FRAME.


If you need to clean your top, we recommend that you dry clean your tops and flags for longer color vibrancy. You can also use a pressure washer on very low using only mild soap and water.

Note: Do NOT use bleach or harsh detergents to clean your canopy top


Windy Conditions

To protect your canopy during windy conditions, we recommend that you use stakes, commercial stakes, water bags, sand bags, rubber weights or rope kits directly from Ins’TenT industries.


In case of rain, do not let the water build up during heavy rain. Take your canopy down or closely monitor any water build up.

*Note: Your Canopy Tent was designed for temporary use only & was not designed to withstand very extreme weather conditions. As a reminder, we do not cover damages due to weather conditions as these are not covered under warranty.

Warning: We do not recommend that you use your canopy during extreme weather conditions such as thunderstorms, lightning, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. for your own safety.


Your canopy top was made with fabric that meets the specifications for flame resistance. IT IS NOT FIRE PROOF. Keep all flame and heat sources away from the tent fabric. The fabric will burn if left in direct contact with fire.